How to Become a Bookkeeper in 2023 with No Experience Tried & Tested

should i become a bookkeeper

Doing so will fulfill the main requirements of the bookkeeper position, and make it much easier to find a job. Clean, accurate accounts not only give business leaders a current financial snapshot of the business, but also help them measure its financial health. For example, rather than manually entering data, you may spend more time analyzing clients’ books and pinpointing efficiencies. Today, employers are looking for their bookkeeping professionals to have at least some postsecondary education – preferably an actual degree – with coursework in accounting.

should i become a bookkeeper

Being a Bookkeeper allows you to make the most of your curiosity and your problem-solving skills. Besides recording transactions, you’ll often find yourself having to dig deeper into financial reports and banking issues to get to the bottom of an issue or discrepancy. With an average yearly salary of $39,240, becoming a professional entry-level Bookkeeper can be the career move that you’ve been waiting for.

The Job Hunt

In addition, smaller businesses may use single-entry bookkeeping, while larger businesses are more likely to use double-entry bookkeeping. As a bookkeeper, you may need to help the business learn the best practices to keep their financial records up to date and organized. Bookkeepers pursuing professional certification can earn more money and take on additional responsibilities. The AIPB reports that 54% of its certified bookkeepers got a new job promotion or higher-level responsibilities after earning their credentials. Fifty-nine percent said they received a raise, and freelance certified bookkeepers said they were able to gain new clients and raise their rates. If you enjoy working with financial data and are adept at using computer software, bookkeeping may align with your career goals.

  • For an entry-level bookkeeper, hourly rates hover at about $18.50 an hour.
  • You could spend as little as a few hours or weeks taking Udemy’s various bookkeeping courses.
  • By keeping accurate, up-to-date records, bookkeepers help their organizations comply with tax regulations, better understand cash flow and identify areas for potential growth.
  • Previously, he was co-founder of Pixloo, a company that helped people sell their homes online, which was acquired in 2012.
  • Another way to get valuable bookkeeping experience and on-the-job training is through an internship.

A bookkeeper may keep track of spending, handle payroll, ensure compliance with state and federal regulation, reconcile payment discrepancies, and more. The main difference between the two is that a bookkeeper organizes financial data while an A Deep Dive into Law Firm Bookkeeping accountant interprets financial data. A bookkeeper makes sure that all the information that the business has is accurate and up to date. An accountant will use the data to create reports and determine the financial next steps for the business.

Solid Reasons You Should Become a Bookkeeper

The skills you gain on the job and through credentials can also position you to move into bookkeeping supervisory roles or junior accountant roles. If you are working toward your bachelor’s degree in accounting, some employers may be willing to offer you an accounting job once you earn your degree. “Accountants take the financial data and analyze it to help organizations make financial decisions.”

He’ll also give you the tools needed to start from scratch and grow to a thriving, independent bookkeeper regardless of your previous experience. Find out more about what bookkeepers need to be successful during the free discovery series at With a bookkeeper working for you,he or she can stay on top of this and send out reminders to make sure your cash flow remains optimal. This will also look good when it’s time to seek another round of funding because you can show positive cash flow you might not have been able to show without that assistance. You don’t want your credit impacted by late or forgotten payments, so put a bookkeeper in charge to give you the confidence that everything has been handled on time. That way, mistakes will be less likely, as well as issues that could cost you more money.

Frequently Asked Questions – The Jobs, Skills, Salary & Career Paths of Bookkeepers

In that case, whether you’re a freelance bookkeeper with several clients or simply looking to handle the bookkeeping for your own business, FreshBooks can help. Our cloud-based bookkeeping software solution is quick, efficient, and capable of saving you countless hours of administrative work. The good news is that you can do bookkeeping training from the comfort of your home. There are a lot of cheap bookkeeping courses online and a lot of free content too. You can find bookkeeping courses on standard bookkeeping work tools like bookkeeping software and financial reports. Bookkeepers are administrators first and foremost and are responsible for updating and maintaining financial transactions and reports.

should i become a bookkeeper

Some bookkeepers work in an office as part of a team, and others remotely, supporting third-party businesses as freelance workers. According to Indeed, bookkeeping is one of the highest-paying jobs you can do remotely. You can expect your duties as a bookkeeper to vary slightly, depending on the size and type of organization you work for. For example, if your employer is a small or medium-sized business, you might manage more of its accounting tasks, including financial statements, tax returns and payroll.

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